I’m Baaaack

Well… I didn’t do what I said on Sunday…
I hope you guys still trust me… I was busy… I didn’t post
the whole week for a good reason… I was… at… SPRING
TRAINING! Sorry to Ash at Fantasy Hardball: a bloop and a
blast for not responding to his comment. My favorite walk-off
homer was ummm uhh… I’ll think about it. OK? I have a lotta
ground to cover! I have to tell you about numbers: 41-28!!!!
Let us get started shall we? 41: Seaver. I’m not writing
about him for 2 reasons. Number 1: We ALLLL know who he is
and what he did (hey, guess what Julia! He was even a Red Sox
in ’86! Jen: He won game number 300 as a White Sox!) right?
Number 2: Read my 2nd post ever. 40: Calvin Schraldi. This
pitcher played at Shea for the Mets from 1984-1985 but in
1986 I know him best for giving up hits to Carter, Mitchell,
and Knight before being removed so Bob Stanley could blow the
save. 39: Kelvin Torve and Gary Gentry. Torve wore this
number after the biggest numerical mix-up in Mets history.
Given #24 not knowing its Mets significance fans were upset
that 24 was given to a rookie instead of being saved for a
legend. Good thing he thought fast! Gentry pitched Game 3 of
the ’69 WS and played with the Mets from then till ’72. 38:
Roger Craig and Dave Mlicki. Craig started the first Mets
game in history and if I’m not mistaking he won 10 games
leading the Mets and lost 24 also leading the Mets. Mlicki
threw a complete game shutout in Yankee Stadium, 1 of the
best Met performances by a Met vs. the Yankees. 37:one word
for you. Stengel. 36: Koos. 35: Rick Reed. 34: Danny
Frisella. The first guy to find out about the tomato plant
growing in the Mets bullpen. 33: Ron Hunt and Eddie Murray.
32: Jon Matlack. 31: Piazza! 30: Nolan Ryan. 29: Generation K
Part 1 Jason Isringhausen failure. 28: John Milner. And there
you have it. Guys who didn’t like my AL Central. Check out
the predicted standings. Indians first and White Sox


Name Switch Vote

My blog has a dull name. Mets Chat. Duuuuuullllllll!!!! I think that I need a new name. Any ideas? Or anybody opposed? How about… Memories of Shea and More Mets or… AL Central Incorrect Predictor (Start laughing Mets Main Man!) or become and MLB blog and not just Mets? I need ideas and I am depending on you guys for some! Opinions for already named titles as well! To change the subject this week, I will try to be the best blog I can. I thought maybe I had a little chance for the Latest Leaders or Honorable Mention but then, I remembered why I’m not a GREAT blog. Any guesses??? I don’t comment enough! Ever! I leave like 1 comment on 3 different blogs or something like that. I have to do better. I have a question as well. Is Latest Leaders for the people who recieve and write lots of comments or is it just 1 of them?

Number 42 isn’t Jackie Robinson this time. He wasn’t a Met but he was pretty important in NY baseball.

Spring Training Game 4

So far, the Mets have played a great game! In the 3rd inning the Mets scored 8 runs off Clay Hensley. The Mets loaded the bases, got and RBI single, and then Schneider hit a grand slam! Then, the Mets got 2 on for Carlos Delgado and he hit a 3-run dinger! Another Met run was brought in on a sac fly. So far it is still the 4th inning. Hope it stays this way!

Number 43 is the number with the most “Who are they?” questions so, guess what? I’m going to tell you about a guy everyone who isn’t a Met fan has probably never heard of and never will again! His name is Jim McAndrew. He wore 43 for 6 seasons and was around for the 69 and 73 pennants. In 1972 McAndrew went 11-8 with 81 strikeouts in 160.2 innings and had a 2.80 ERA. In 1970 he went 10-14 with 111 strikeouts in 184.1 innings and had a 3.56 ERA. Those are the 2 best pitching seasons EVER by a number 43 on the Mets. Wow.

Number 45 and 44

Number 45 was so special that he deserved his own paragraph. It was Tug. In 1969, Tug McGraw was a perfect 12 for 12 in save opportunities. In 1971 Tug was 11-4. The next year he won the all-star game and in 1973 during a team meeting when the Mets were in dead last he shouted “Ya Gotta Believe Mr. Grant!” The Mets won the division, beat the “Big Red Machine” in the NLCS, but lost to the A’s in the World Series due to not scoring runs at the right time. Oh well… Tug was dealt the next year to those Phillies.

Number 44 is David Cone. After the ’86 Mets all left baseball because of personal problems, or injuries, or just because it was time. David Cone kept the Mets with hope. He helped them win 100 games in ’88 and when he left in ’91 he was the ace of the staff. Cone was 20-3 in ’88 and  then won his first NL strikeout crown.

Kielty, Garcia, L. Hernandez, and more

The Mets lost to the Cards 9-8 a close game to the end and lots of new Mets made news. Freddy Garcia had a hard day. He walked 3, allowed 2 hits, and gave up 4 runs. Though Livan Hernandez through 2 shutout innings. Adam Bostick (well not a new Mets but not a regular starter) also walked 3 men and allowed 1 run. Bobby Kielty had a pinch-hit 3-run homer in the 9th and an RBI by Alex Cora but because Rocky Cherry allowed 1 run in the top of the 9th the Mets could not tie the game. P.S. Catcher Rene Rivera had an RBI single.
P.S.S The Mets allowed an inside the parker to Team Italy but Cory Sullivan’s 3-run double helped the Mets win 5-4.

Spring Training Game 2 + Remaining Free Agents

Well the Mets did ggrreat today! 9-0 over Marlins!!! Jose Reyes had 2 homers, 1 a grand salami and 6 ribbies for today. Castillo continued to impress. Ollie hit second??? So the Mets are 2-0 in Spring Training! After only 2 games… So Luis may very well end up as the 2nd baseman we wanted to acquire in ’06. Not “Slappy McSingleton” Our crosstown rivals the Yankees are also 2-0 and I think that the Phillies are 0-2. And now to part 2 of the post.

There is 1 remaining free agent who stands out from the rest we all know him as… Manny Ramirez!!!! Unfortunately, I have come to the truth and Manny Ramirez will not wear a Mets uniform in his career. That’s sorta it…oh wait! Number 46 is wow… the longest wearer is Ollie and we know all about him.